Effort Will Not Betray The Results

Home Effort Will Not Betray The Results – Karnesih

Customer Name : Mrs. Karnesih
Branch : Kalijati, West Java Customer
Bussiness : Grocery Seller

Mrs. Karnesih is a customer of the Kalijati Branch, Subang, West Java. In 2017, she rented a place near her house and started her business by selling vegetables and small basic necessities. However, the income generated through this business operations was marginally sufficient to meet her family expenses. With the opening of LOLC Ventura branch in her area, she was offered a loan to develop her business in year 2019. As Mrs. Karnesih stated, it was a turning point for her success as she was able to expand her business and obtain a better income. After she received her 3rd loan from LOLC Ventura, she relocated her business back to her own place after renovating her house to suit the outlet. Her house terrace was converted to a coffee shop which soon attracted many customers around the area.

She praised LOLC Ventura for all the support extended to her success and appreciates the service of friendly staff at all times. She expects to be with LOLC for a longer term and retain LOLC as business partner to achieve the next phase in her journey.