Clothing Convection

Home Efforts to Never Give Up Despite the Pandemic – Siti Rohana

Customer Name : Mrs. Siti Rohana
Branch : Cimahi, West Java Customer
Bussiness : Clothing Confection

Hailing from Padsuka Village, Cimahi in West Java, Mrs. Siti Rohanah is a micro business entrepreneur with a strong character and never give-up attitude. By persevering and overcoming challenges imposed by the COVID pandemic, Mrs. Siti Rohanah now stands as one of the most inspirational women entrepreneurs who received financing facilities from LOLC Ventura – Cimahi Branch.


In 2018, Mrs. Rohanah started a small tailoring business with 2 machines to manufacture children’s clothing. Her garments were made of impressive quality, which was widely sought from organizations in various other cities.

Due to increasing demand, Mrs. Rohanah recruited an additional employee to assist her operations, following which she was able to enhance the company’s production to cater the demand.



With meticulous planning and strong financial management, Mrs. Siti Rohanah was able to overcome the COVID-19 impact while simultaneously repaying the loan. More recently, LOLC Ventura provided her with additional financing to enable business continuity and expansion of operations. This facility empowered Mrs. Siti Rohanah and built her confidence to scale up the business by adding 4 new sewing machines. Currently, these machines are operated by herself, son and 2 employees. With this expansion she has now moved out to producing adult t-shirts and jackets with more volume to cater the demand from various cities.