Savoring Success

Home Savoring Success – Ulfa

Customer Name : Mrs. Ulfa
Branch : Medan, North Sumatra
Bussiness : Lontong Maker

Lontong, a rice cake wrapped in a banana leaf and compressed into a cylindrical shape, is widely consumed in Indonesia. Although making this item is a delicate and tedious process, the high demand for quality lontong makes for a promising home business.

Mrs. Ulfa’s husband had a lifelong dream of earning a postgraduate degree. However, that meant he would have to quit his job and leave his family without a breadwinner, which they could not afford. To support her husband’s dream, Ulfa made a courageous move and approached LOLC Ventura Indonesia to obtain a loan. She then established her lontong-making business and became the sole breadwinner of her family. Today, her small home-based business is thriving and provides her family with a steady income.

“I started this business with the intention of closing it after my husband completed his Master’s degree and returned to his former job. However, after LOLC Ventura Indonesia began funding my business, I changed my mind. Business is growing fast, and I see a good future ahead.”