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LOLC Ventura Indonesia is a licensed venture capital company supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Republic of Indonesia. The controlling shareholder of LOLC Ventura is recognized as LOLC ASIA PVT LTD (Singapore), a subsidiary of LOLC Holdings – one of the largest financial conglomerates.


Established in 1994, PT. LOLC Ventura Indonesia (previously known as PT. Sarana Sumut Ventura) was domiciled in Medan, North Sumatra Province. The early establishment of the company was initiated by PT. Bahana Artha Ventura – a subsidiary of PT. Bahana Pembina Usaha Indonesia (Persero) and was supported by few local banks and entrepreneurs.

In the year 2017, LOLC made the initial investment to acquire the company and commenced business operations in 2018, under the MSME segment. Currently, LOLC Ventura has expanded its business operations to Banten, Cirebon and Bandung regions, with 52 locations across North Sumatra and Java Island.

The Company focuses on micro group business models which do not have any access to formal financial services. The target market comprises of various skilled entrepreneurs among this community, which in turn will contribute towards the development of Indonesian economy.

The Company’s primary goal is to create opportunities which would provide the capital required for entrepreneurs to start a new business or improve their existing business conditions.


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Jamilah - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

JAMILAH (Meatball Seller)

Mrs. Jamilah, a customer at Tangerang branch, received group financing from LOLC Ventura for 3 cycles. Here is her success story with LOLC Ventura Indonesia.

Siti Rohana - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

SITI ROHANA  (children’s garments)

Hailing from Padsuka Village, Cimahi in West Java, Mrs. Siti Rohanah 

Mumun - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

MUMUN (Chewing Gum Ice Seller)

Known by the nickname ‘Mumun’ in her neighbourhood,

Karnesih - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

KARNESIH (Grocery Seller)

Mrs. Karnesih is a customer of the Kalijati Branch, Subang, West Java.

Galery Ulfa - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

ULFA (Lontong Maker)

Lontong, a rice cake wrapped in a banana leaf and compressed

Eli - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

ELI (Dim Sum Seller)

Mrs. Eli is one of the group financing customers in the Medan Region,


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Always act as a partner and committed to providing the best service for customers.


Uphold honesty and transparency, anywhere and anytime.


Strive to fulfil the task at hand and take responsibility for outcomes of the work.


Understand, master and implement SOPs effectively and efficiently.


Have a sincere spirit and always give the best effort in fulfilling their duties.


Be honest with yourself and others. Do the right thing even when no one is watching.


LOLC Venture is Me and I am LOLC Venture. Take pride in being a part of the LOLC Ventura family!


Whatever it may be, it is a STRONG VIOLATION if you take something that is not rightfully yours.

Our Funding Partners

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Funding Partner - LOLC Ventura Indonesia
Funding Partner - LOLC Ventura Indonesia
Funding Partner - LOLC Ventura Indonesia