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PT LOLC Ventura Indonesia

PT Sarana Sumut Ventura was established in 1994, provided a funding for business sectors, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector in North Sumatra Province. LOLC Asia Private Limited, a sub holding company of LOLC Group was approved to acquire PT. Sarana Sumut Ventura (84.2%stake), and change the name to become PT LOLC Ventura Indonesia.  LOLC Group is the world’s largest multi-currency, multi-geographic micro finance service provider and presently LOLC group holds investments in Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Maldives, UAE, Mauritius and few more foot prints in African and Central Asia regions.


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HIstory - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

1994 - Establishment of Company

Established as the first Venture Capital Company in North Sumatera

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History - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

1996 - 2007

1996  Commenced Business Operation

1997  SSV was granted Jexim loan Rp. 50Bn

2007  Moved in to It’s own building in Medan

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History - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

2017 - LOLC Investment

LOLC investment to the company has made another milestone and Micro lending was commenced with the expertise of LOLC since Dec -2017.

The Company’s main focus is to serve entrepreneurs and families at the base of the socioeconomic pyramid with economic opportunities to transform the quality of their lives and deliver tangible benefits.

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Head Office - LOLC Ventura Indonesia

2018 - Expaned in to Java Region

The Tangerang branch was established first.

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LOLC Ventura Indonesia

2021 - Changes Company Name

In 2021, LOLC Asia Private Limited was successfully under direct major ownership and the company name was changed to LOLC Ventura Indonesia, with blessings of Regulator (OJK).

Beginning with just one branch in Medan (North Sumatra Region) in 2017, LOLC Ventura Indonesia now provides uninterrupted services to more than 75,000 active Indonesian customers via 30 branches in Sumatra and Java regions.

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