Meatballs and Nasi Uduk Dongkrak

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Customer Name : Mrs. Jamilah
Branch : BSD, Banten Customer
Bussiness : Meatball Seller

Mrs. Jamilah, a customer at Tangerang branch, received group financing from LOLC Ventura for 3 cycles. Here is her success story with LOLC Ventura Indonesia.


In 2015, Mrs. Jamilah started her business journey by selling vegetables, however this venture did not last long due to poor health conditions. Mrs. Jamilah’s husband encouraged her to change the business approach and to become meatballs seller by using a small stall in front of her own house.

In the year 2018, she received her first financing facility from LOLC Ventura to develop her business. After obtaining 3 cycles of financing from LOLC Ventura, her business flourished and was converted to a mini restaurant with the famous local brand of ‘Bakso Dongkrakch’ (food made from meatballs).


According to Mrs. Jamilah, LOLC Ventura supported her to uplift her family welfare and living standards. With this growth, she is also expecting to launch another product under the name ‘Nasi Uduk Dongkrak’ (tasty milk rice) and looks forward to increasing her business volume. Supporting this ambition as a long-term business partner, LOLC will provide individual financing for all her future requirements.